Sylt Like Never Before Biking Beyond Beaches

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Bicycle touring Sylt A Travel Documentary

Sylt Like Never Before Biking Beyond Beaches

Bicycle touring Sylt! This German island has much to offer the Traveler from nature lovers and to its h. Sylt is the largest of the North Frisian islands is a popular travel destination among foodies and water sports fans. Lars works as a lifeguard on Sylt and is a fan of this North Sea island. He is also passionate about racing bikes and producing travel documentaries. One day the idea comes to him to combine all of this, so while working as a lifeguard in the 2021 summer season, he grabs his black racing bike and camera to go on a tour of Sylt. On his tour across the entire island, he goes from Hörnum in the south to List in the far north and from tranquil Morsum to lively Westerland. On his journey he not only meets fellow lifeguards, residents of Sylt and newcomers, but also thatch roofers and dog biscuit bakers. Lars stops at Maurice’s soup stall in List, visits the traveling shepherdess Uta with her 533 animals in Braderup and pesters the Sylt expert Lothar with questions about the gloomy future of the Hörnum Odde. When lifeguard colleague Mike drowns during a mission in Wenningstedt this season, the mood is at a low point, but Lars continues his tour. In this very personal Sylt portrait, he paints a previously little-known picture of the island and its inhabitants, seasoned as always with fascinating landscape photos of the most beautiful places and sights – including the Red Cliff in Kampen, the extensive Listland and the almost unknown Little Africa in the east of Sylt. Northern Lights – The Germans’ favorite island, this time from the unusual perspective of a lifeguard-cyclist-filmmaker, and of course a Sylt fan. As you can see form the people, to its natural wonder Sylt is a great vacation spot, and this is especially true for those who enjoy bicycle touring and to take a bicylce holiday!


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