What does it feel like to be clairvoyant

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How to Develop Clairvoyance | Understanding Psychic Abilities

Looking to understand and develop your clairvoyant abilities but not sure where to start?

In this video I cover what clairvoyance is, how to determine if you are clairvoyant, and how you can practice using it!

Clairvoyance is directly translated from French to mean: “clear seeing” or “clear vision”

It is also known as psychic seeing, or seeing visions in your mind’s eye

There are lots of different definitions of clairvoyance but in the metaphysical community it is known as one of the 4 Clairs.

The 4 Clairs are:
Clairvoyance – psychic seeing
Clairaudience – psychic hearing
Clairsentience – psychic feeling
Claircognisance – psychic knowing

Not everyone has clairvoyance, and not every psychic has clairvoyance either. Some psychics have only clairsentience and clairaudience, and some have only claircognisance and clairaudience, but most psychics have 2-3 Clairs which work together to give you signs, premonitions, and messages from “beings of the light”


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