The value of a Gold IRA today investing for retirement

Gold IRA

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If you currently have an IRA or 401k that you want to rollover into gold to save it from inflation and the devaluation of the dollar, this video will guide you.

Now is the perfect time to get your funds into gold.

Taking some of your money out of the stock market will protect you from the big crash that’s coming. You worked so hard for your retirement, don’t lose it due to incompetence of other people.

This could be the greatest recession we’ve seen and you can be prepared.

To get an expert to look at your retirement accounts and give you investment options, click here to contact Augusta, my top recommendation:🥇

Once you input your contact information, they will give you a call. Augusta will include a 1-on-1 web conference with their Harvard economist on staff which is a must!

Here’s my story and why I am confident in recommending Augusta:

I Found Augusta After a Big Loss in the Stock Market & a Scary Mistake Right After…

I lost almost half of my stock portfolio. The company I invested with just tossed my money into their cookie-cutter investing plan and it tanked.

I wanted to take my money out immediately and thought putting it into precious metals would save me. I thought any gold IRA company would be fine. Boy was I wrong!

I chose a precious metals company (who I won’t name) without doing much research. I thought it didn’t matter as long as I got into a real asset like gold.

I ended up losing about 20% of my money in hidden fees, and what was more frustrating was that I couldn’t get a hold of them.

Then I found Augusta Precious Metals. I was hesitant to work with them because of my prior experience, but I spoke with them several times; they were friendly, professional & transparent, and they explained their lifetime support.

Long story short, ever since I started working with them, they’ve provided me with market updates, an open line for any questions I have, and direct access to my IRA account.

Here’s a link to their website where you can get in contact with the Augusta Precious Metals broker I went with.

What I went through with the other company was devastating – Hopefully, my story will save you from making the same mistakes.

Your hard-earned retirement can be wiped out very quickly by the volatility in the stock market, or even hidden fees when investing in gold & silver with the wrong company.

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