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What is NOSCHOOL Camp?

• Nonschool.Camp is a free-ride elite speed learning summer camps for top students from low-income families, in which kids spend only half of time but learning three to five times more effectively, so they can live a far happier childhood without burnout.
• Poor family kids have no money to compete with rich kids and Nonschool.Camp is here to help make American Dreams come true.
• Although elites account for only ~ 3% of total population, they innovate almost 100% of new technologies!
• Nonschool.Camp started from New York City, will expand to 100 cities in 5 years.
• Kids at 10 years old have grown 98% of human brain.
• Nonschool.Camp recruits top 80 percentile students at 10 on grade 4 of intermediate school until 15 on grade 9 in high school.
• Top colleges require ~ 12 AP’s.
• Nonschool.Camp can make even 15 most challenging college-level AP courses piece of cake for most high-school students using speed learning techniques.
• Nonschool.Camp can accelerate students’ learning by cutting their 4-year college one to two years short,
• so that parents spend years less in raising children while kids can earn salary years earlier than peers, thereby saving their families hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.
• Start younger and even save more!
• Low-income family kids can even readily win scholarships or free-ride college tuition with the help of Nonschool.Camp’s accelerated learning program.
• Nonschool.camp’s mission is equivalent to expanding #1 college by 100 times bigger in size physically, bringing education to 2.0 version.
• Nonschool.Camp promotes elite education should become an inalienable basic human right of all kids living inside the United States.
• Enroll your kids in https://Nonschool.Camp Now, Immediately, which can improve your kids’ confidence and productivity while reducing learning stress!
• Based on Wall Street theorist Ray Dalio’s recent research, America is on the decline while China is rising.
• And investing in education can boost technology and innovations that can drive economy, but needs 60+ years in advance to prepare and deploy.
• Let’s all Americans pool our resources together to reinvent U.S. over again from generation to generation.


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