Discovering Purpose with Jasmin Yigit’s the movie Faith

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Jasmin Yigit is a Film Director and Filmmaker based in Spain. She likes to write about her insights and transform them into stories and films that move and make you think about. Jasmin worked as an Assistant Director for 12 years and then started to direct her own projects. She is also experienced in photography, editing, color grading, acting and knows a lot about directing actors. Her driving force is observing mankind, wanderlust and her sensitivity. Her Reel reflects the the importance of having Faith – several situations that reflect difficult moments in life where it is vital to stay in faith. Faith in the invisible, Faith in God. Faith that everything happens for a reason and will be for your good. Faith that there is always something to learn and thank for in every situation, even if it’s hard to see. The video is based on the song ¨You know my name¨ by Chris Cornell. Jasmin has been listening to his music since little and was shocked about his suicide in 2017. She dedicates the video to him and all the people who don’t feel sense in being alive. She believes that having Faith is crucial to go on in life, no matter what. Faith will give you the strength to go through any situation and help you to not give up.

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